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Last Updated: March. 11, 2016

I hand-picked these sites to share resources which I feel are truly outstanding. This is not the kind of free-for-all list of worthless sites that you typically see elsewhere. I also have a separate page to show which sites authorized to use my “Recommended by the ugslot” seal. I don’t trade links. I picked the sites below because they’re quality sites, not because they might link back here. I won’t link to low-quality sites just because they might give me a link back. I don’t accept suggestions for this section either, because when I did that, 99.99% of the sites that webmasters suggested to me were worthless.

How to get a link. You can't get your site listed here. I don’t trade links, I don’t sell links, and I don’t accept suggestions for additions, because when I did that I was inundated with suggestions for worthless sites. If I run across your site on my own, and I like it, then I’ll list it here.

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Gambling in General

Internet Gambling

There are lots of sites dedicated to Internet gambling. Most are worthless banner farms. Here are some of the better ones, with useful content.

Regional Sites

Las Vegas


International Sites

Gambling Industry